Curriculum Vitae - John Paul Adrian Glaubitz

Ph.D. thesis: Nanostructuring of Si and ZnO by ion irradiation; electrical characterization (working title):
research proposal
Fabrication of p-n junctions at MiNaLab
Using the Karl Suess MJB-55 mask aligner at MiNaLab
Talk @ PhD course FYS9310, UiO

Essay: "Modern consumerism and the waste problem" @ PhD ethics course MNSES9100, UiO
original edition; (arXiv:1206.0604)

Diploma thesis: Laser-induced Spin Dynamics in Metallic Multilayers:
original edition; revised edition ;(arXiv:1007.0726)

Introduction talk on my diploma thesis
Talk @ ICPS 2009, Split, Croatia
Talk: Ultrafast Spin Dynamics


Kvantefysikk (FYS2140) - Exercises & Solutions


linux-minidisc project
linux-minidisc Ubuntu PPA
linux-minidisc pending patches
SonicStage 3 Installer
Article in Linux Journal #185 on linux-minidisc
Wine-Root with SonicStage 3.3 installed
Patch to prevent crash of SonicStage-Installer on Wine

My git repositories

github profile

Debian and Ubuntu

Debian Quality Assurance - Adrian Glaubitz
Launchpad page for Adrian Glaubitz
FAI-Updater - updated versions
Origin sample project files for qtiplot testing

Kernel related

reiser4 benchmarks


Scripts and exercises for thermodynamics courses
Texts and exercises for Japanese lessons

Greenphone (I don't own one anymore)

Greenphone packages (Qtopia 4.3.2)
Greenphone resources (more to come)


portable Operating System for C64 (orphaned)