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2.1 Main Window

Whenever you start fsc2 the first thing you will see is the following window:


The large white area at the top is a browser for displaying the text of the current EDL script. Below this main browser is another browser for error messages as well as output from the EDL script. On the right side of the browsers is a slider that allows you to move the border between both browsers.

On the left side you have a set of buttons:

In each button one of the characters of the label is underlined. By pressing the key for this letter each button can be triggered via the keyboard - but note that, if the underlined letter is an uppercase character, you have to enter the uppercase character from the keyboard!

During the test fsc2 may detect problems with the EDL script or even errors. It then will print messages in the lower browser. There are four categories of messages: normal messages, warnings, warnings for severe problems and fatal error messages. Normal messages, not indicating a problem, are printed in black. Warnings are printed in green, messages for severe problems in blue and messages for fatal errors in red (in the latter case the test is also aborted immediately).

To start the experiment click onto the Start button. If the script hasn't been tested a test will be done now and, if the test succeeds, the experiment is started. While the devices are initialized the text of the Start button changes to Stop and clicking on the button lets you interrupt at the device initialization stage. When the device initialization is finished a new window, to be described in the next section, opens up for displaying the measured data.

The next figure shows you the main window of fsc2 with an EDL script loaded and the name of the loaded script being shown in the widow title.

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