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E. Acknowledgments

Parts of fsc2 has been written while I was working in the groups of Prof. Th. Prisner (J.-W.-Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/Main) and Prof. K. Möbius (Freie Universität Berlin). Both where so kind to allow me to spend quite some amount of time on it. Prof. R. Bittl and Prof. D. Stehlik (FU Berlin), Prof. H.-J. Steinhoff (Universtät Osnabrück), Prof. P. Hildebrandt (Technische Universität Berlin), Prof. G. Gescheidt (Universität Basel, Switzerland/Technische Universität Graz, Austria), Prof. J. Schmidt and Prof. E. Groenen (Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands), Prof. W. Lubitz (MPI Mühlheim)), Dr. A. Schnegg (HMI Berlin) and Prof. J. Behrends (FU Berlin) supported the development by employing me to extend and improve the program and write further device modules.

Special thanks go to Anton Savitsky (FU Berlin/MPI Mühlheim) for writing the modules for the Thurlby 330 and F.u.E. Elektronik MCN 700-2000 power supplies, Sergey Veber (International Tomography Center, Novosibirsk), who wrote the the module for the Schlumberger 7510 multimeter, Clinton Jermaine McCrowey (California State University, Northridge) for contributing the module for the Newport Oriel Matrix Spectrometer, Ivo Alxneit (Paul Scherrer Institute, Villingen, Switzerland) for writing the module for the SpectraPro-275 monochromator and Christoph Oelmüller (FU Berlin), who wrote the EDL mode for vim.

All the people using the program so far have from time to time been (mis)used as alpha-testers. The first one accepting this unpleasant role has been Axel Weber in Frankfurt/Main, who already dealt with the bugs and shortcomings of the very first version (when the program was still named fsc and the f stood for Frankfurt). Later also Burkhard Endeward, now in Thomas Prisner's group in Frankfurt, had to deal with it. Then, at the FU Berlin, Stefan Weber, Chris W. M. Kay, Gerriet Eilers, Andreas Kuppig, Heike Mögling, Michael Fuhs, Anton Savitsky, Alexander Schnegg, Radek Kowalczyk, Martin Fuchs, Celine Elsässer, Marc Brecht, Hauke Studier, Jana Nieder, Irina Karyagina, Christian Teutloff, Ringo Wenzel and Rolf Simon Schoenfeld took over. Iwo Gatlik, Tomasz Motylewski, Daniela Hristova (Basel/TU Graz), Huib Block, Peter Gast and Silvia Sottini (Leiden, Netherlands), Clinton McCrowey and Jussi Eloranta (Cal State Northridge, USA). (There are some more people that have used the program and that I may have forgotten - please complain to me if I did.) I would like to thank them not only for the constant stream of bug reports and proposals for improvements or new features (and I sometimes needed quite a bit of convincing even though they where right) but especially for their enduring patience. Much too often, when they had to do an important experiment, things didn't work and they had to wait until I got it fixed. Lots of thanks to all of them!

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