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Fsc3 is a completely new project and will, if things go according to my plans, become a set of self-contained modules (shared libraries) for use with C++, C and Python for remotely controlling devices used in physics and chemistry labs, that can directly used for other applications.

The code is written in C++. The C version is built on top of it by a hand-written wrapper, while the Python version is created using boost::python. The resulting shared libraries are self-conatined in the sense that each contains all the code, so if you want to use only e.g. the Python version you only have to install that library and not also the others.

As this is a new project for now there are only two devices supported, the signal generators of the SMB100A series by Rohde&Schwarz and the oscilloscopes of the RTO series by the same company. In the longer run I hope to convert a number of the device modules written for my fsc2 project.

One restriction of this project is that I have not enough experience with Windows to be able to make it truely cross-platform - so it probably will stay restricted to UNIX based systems. Another, hopefully temporary restriction is that the Python binding is for 2.7 - but moving on to Python 3 shouldn't be that much of an effort.

If you are interested you can download the sources via git with the command

git clone

I'll be grateful for comments, critizism and proposals how to do it better;-)

I'd like to thank Prof. J. Behrends and Dr. C. Teutloff whose financial and moral support as early adopters allowed me to start this project.

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