Principal Research Interests

The main focus of our research is the experimental investigation of magnetism in metallic systems on a local (microscopic) scale, using methods involving static and dynamic hyperfine interactions.


The Brewer research group has a collaboration with the group of  Dr. Hartmut Bertschat and Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Zeitz at the HMI (joint doctoral students and postdocs, studies of thin films and surfaces by PAD and Soft-landing/PAC methods). 

-- other (in some cases past) collaborations are with the group of Prof. Dietmar Riegel, Hahn-Meitner- InstitutBerlin (joint BMFT grants, Cooperation Agreement for collaborative work on lattice location and magnetism of very dilute and thermally unstable impurities in metals and alloys by in-beam methods), Prof. B. Sedlák, Dr. Milos Rotter, Dr. Milos Trhlík, of the Low Temperature Laboratory, MFF, Charles University, Prague (DAAD stipends in Berlin, studies of static nuclear orientation of 3d and 4f ions in alloys and multilayer systems);

-- with Prof. Nathal Severijns,  IKS, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (multilayer systems, especially Fe/Ag)

-- with Prof. Dr. Peter Herzog, ISKP, Universität Bonn, Germany (nuclear orientation and implantation)

-- with Prof. Sonia Frota-Pessôa, Instituto da Fisica, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil (ab initio theory of electronic structure of impurity, surface and thin-layer systems)


-- with Prof. Alberto Passos Guimarães, Profa. Elisa Saitovich at the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (NMR, XMCD and Mössbauer Effect of thin films and multilayers, nuclear relaxation in dilute alloys, transport measurements on metals and ceramics).

last update: 10/2006, WDB