Arbeitsgruppe Brewer

Recent Publications  (Journals, Monographs, Conference Proceedings):

[1] C. Enderlein, S. M. Ramos, M. Bittencourt, M. A. Continentino, W. Brewer and E. Baggio-Saitovich,

‘Anomaly Close to an electronic topological semimetal-insulator transition in elemental fcc-Yb under pressure’

Journal of Applied Physics 114 (2013), pp. 143711-17. 


[2] Manzhur, Y.; Zeitz, W.-D.; Prandolini, M.J.; Brewer, W.D.; Imielski, P.; Schubert, J.; Johnston, K., ’Investigations

of “Soft-landed“ Cd Surface Atoms via Nuclear Methods: Hyperfine Field Sign Determination’

European Physical Journal B59 (2007), pp. 277-283.


[3] Tafur, M.; Alayo, W.; Munayco, P.; Baggio-Saitovitch, E.;  Nascimento, V.P.; Alvarenga, A.D.; Brewer, W.D.,

‘Influence of the insertion of a nano-oxide layer on the interfacial magnetism of FeMn/NiFe/ Cu/NiFe spin valves’

Journal of Applied Physics 101 (2007), Art. 103910, pp. 1-5.


[4] Prandolini, M.J.

Magnetic nanostructures: radioactive probes and recent developments.
in: Reports on Progress in Physics -69. (2006), 1235-1324.


[5] Renzsch, R.; Ionov, Alexander N., Nikolaeva, M.N., Dunaevskii, M.S.

Spreading resistance microscopy study of polyamidine thin films.

in: physica status solidi (c) -32. (2) (2006), 275 – 278.


[6] Ionov, Alexander N., Nikolaeva, M.N., Popov, E.O., Pashkevich, A.A.,

Svetlichnyi, A.A., Rentzsch, R.

Field Emission Based on Metal/Polymer Films.

in: physica status solidi (c) -32. (2) (2006), Extended Abstract PT2.


[7] Brewer, W.D.; Scherz, A.; Sorg, C.; Wende, H./ Baberschke, K.; Bencok, P.; Frota-Pessôa, S.

Direct Observation of Orbital Magnetism in Cubic Solids

in: ESRF Highlights 2004, Red. G. Admans (ESRF, Feb. 2005); siehe


[8] Manzhur, Y.; Imielski, P.; Potzger, K.; Brewer,W.D.; Dietrich, M.; Prandolini, M.J.; Bertschat, H.H.

Magnetic Anisotropy of Ni Modified by Extreme Lattice Expansion

in: European Phys. J. B46 (2005) 535-540.

[9] O. Beutler, O. Kirsch, M.J. Pranodlini, W.D. Brewer, J. Kapoor, P.J Jensen, S. Frota-Pessôa, D. Riegel:

The Exchange Coupling of Dilute Fe and Cr in AuCr Alloys: Formation of Local Magnetic Clusters
Letters 70 (2005), 520-526..

[10] M. Gierlings, M. Gruyters, D. Riegel, M.J. Prandolini, T. Funk, W. D. Brewer:

A study of the induced magnetism in the Au spacer layer of Co/Au/CoO Exchange Bias trilayers and related systems
European Phys. J. B45 (2005), 137-146.

[11] W.D. Brewer: Chapter 1: “Modern Methods for Investigating Magnetism”, in Frontiers in Magnetic Materials,  

Ed. A.V. Narlikar (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg-Berlin 2005; ISBN: 3-540-24512-X), pp. 1-42.

[12] T. Phalet, M.J. Prandolini, W.D. Brewer, P. Schuurmans, N. Severijns, B.G. Turrell, B. Vereecke, S. Versyck:

Magnetic non-collinearity and hyperfine fields in ultrathin Fe/Ag multilayer systems
Phys. Rev. B71 (2005) Art.
144431, pp. 1-10.


[13] A.B. Andam, S. P.Dawson, K. R. Horton and B. Sandow

Balancing Family and Career

2nd Proceedings of IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics

AIP Conference Proceedings 795, 25 (2005).


[14] B. Sandow and C. Kausch

Women in Physics in Germany

2nd Proceedings of IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics

AIP Conference Proceedings 795, 123 (2005).


[15] Renzsch, R.; Ionov, Alexander N.

Abnormal positive magnetoresistance in a weak magnetic field in Ge:As on the metallic side close to the metal-insulator transition.

in: Physica B. -359--361. (2005), S. 1472-1474.


[16] Ionov, A.N; Svetlichnyi, V.M.; Rentzsch, R.

High conductivity and supercurrent in superconductor-polymer-superconductor systems.

in: Physica B. -359—361. (2005), S. 506-508.




[1] Brewer, W.D., vom Deutschen ins Englische:

Renewable Energy: Sustainable Concepts for the Energy Change, Second Edition

(Wengenmayr, Roland / Bührke, Thomas, eds.; 164 Seiten).

ISBN: 978-3527-411870 (Wiley-VCH, Berlin, Weinheim; April 2013).


[2] Brewer, W.D., vom Deutschen ins Englische:

Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power. (Werner Vogel / Henry Kalb; Sachbuch,

466 Seiten).

ISBN: 3-527-40515-1 (Wiley-VCH, Berlin, Weinheim, April 2010).


[3] Brewer, W.D., vom Deutschen ins Englische:

Fundamentals of Many-body Physics (Nolting, Wolfgang; Lehrbuch, 602 Seiten).

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[4] Brewer, W.D., vom Deutschen ins Englische:

Renewable Energy (Wengenmayr, Roland / Bührke, Thomas, eds.; Sachbuch)
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[5] Brewer, W.D., vom Deutschen ins Englische:

Schwoerer, Markus / Wolf, Hans Christoph
Organic Molecular Solids (Lehrbuch, 427 Seiten).
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(Wiley-VCH, Berlin, Weinheim; Dezember 2006).


[6] Brewer, W.D., vom Deutschen ins Englische:

Audretsch, Jürgen

Entangled Systems: New Directions in Quantum Physics (Lehrbuch,  338 Seiten).

ISBN: 978-3-527-40684-5

(Wiley-VCH, Berlin, Weinheim; erscheint März 2007).


Arbeitsgruppe Brewer

Abstracts and Reports

[1]  Imielski, P.M.; Manzhur, Y.; Schubert, J.; Brewer, W.D.; Zeitz, W.-D.;  Prandolini, M.J.

Determination of the directions of the induced moments at Cd probes on Ni surface sites.

in: Verhandlungen der DPG (VI) 4-- (2006),  S.  .


[3]  H.Wende, W. D. Brewer, A. Scherz, C. Sorg, K. Baberschke, P. Bencok, S. Frota-Pessôa,

Direct Observation of Orbital Magnetism in Cubic Solids

in: Verhandl. DPG (VI) 40, Abstr. MA12.1 (2005).


[3] Y. Manzhur1, P. Imielski, M. J. Prandolini, K.Potzger, H. H. Bertschat, and M. Dietrich,

Magnetic properties of ultrathin Ni on Pd measured by 111mCd PAC

in: Verhandl. DPG (VI) 40, Abstr. MA 2.10 (2005).


Arbeitsgruppe Brewer

Lectures and Talks, 2006

[1] Minicurso (CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Jan./Fev. 2006)

[2] Brewer, W.D.: Exchange bias and the magnetisation reversal processes observed by microscopic methods in the Co/CoO ultrathin film systems

Tagung über Oberflächentechnologien und Mikrosysteme 5. und 6. Oktober 2006 an der Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau


[3] Brewer, W.D.: Moderne Optik, I. und II

Vorträge zur Sommeruniversitat, F.U. Berlin, August 2006; auch als Schülervortrag, Sept. 2006


[4] Sandow, B.: