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Welcome to updated pages of the LIDAR group in Ag-Wöste. Together with their new graphical design they include several additional sections. For example News where you can find details on our latest achievements, important events or other information, which we think is relevant to our research or group life. We intend to update this page on more or less monthly basis, so you may want to check it up regularly.

The new page dedicated to Diploma theses has been added in the Publications section. It seemes a natural step since we have first graduate students. First Phd graduates are expected, soon. The content of most of the pages has been updated and improved. So, please make a good use of our site!



New publication in Nature Photonics

Nature Photonics publishes online our latest results on filament assisted water condensation.

SCCRDS noticed by Optics & Laser Europe

Community recognized magazine Optics & Laser Europe notices Supercontinuum Cavity Ringdown Specroscopy.

First peer-reviewed paper on supercontinuum CRDS

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