Lectures in the summer term 2020

Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Optics

Lecture (LV-Nr. 20115501), summer term 2020

Department of Physics, Arnimallee 14 (digital lecture)

Issued: Thurs. 12 am

Lecturer: PD Dr. A. Lindinger


The students will learn the fundamentals in nonlinear optics and in the dynamics of optically induced processes. They receive an overview about current methods in ultrashort spectroscopy and elementary nonlinear excitations, and its applications in particular cases. The contents include fundamentals of light-matter interactions, wave packet and electron dynamics, experimental methods of ultrafast spectroscopy, as well as selected topics, e.g. femtochemistry, multiphoton excitation, coherent control, and attosecond physics.   



Master students in physics 

2 SWS, 5 LP


Lecture documents:

(digital lecture files will be provided Thursdays at 12 am)

Ultrafast-SS20-v1.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v1.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v2.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v2.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v3.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v3.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v4.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v4.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v5.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v5.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v6.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v6.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v7.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v7.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v8.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v8.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v9.mp4                                                                Ultrafast-SS20-v9.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v10.mp4                                                              Ultrafast-SS20-v10.pdf

Ultrafast-SS20-v11.mp4                                                               Ultrafast-SS20-v11.pdf



Ultrafast-exercise1.pdf                                                                 Ultrafast-exercise1-s.pdf

Ultrafast-exercise2.pdf                                                                 Ultrafast-exercise2-s.pdf

Ultrafast-exercise3.pdf                                                                 Ultrafast-exercise3-s.pdf

Ultrafast-exercise4.pdf                                                                 Ultrafast-exercise4-s.pdf

Ultrafast-exercise5.pdf                                                                 Ultrafast-exercise5-s.pdf



Special Topics in Molecular Physics

Lecture course (LV-Nr. 20120701), summer term 2020

Department of Physics, Arnimallee 14 (digital lecture)

Issued: Fri. 11 am

Lecturer: PD Dr. A. Lindinger


This lecture is intended as an introduction to selected state-of-the-art research topics in the field of molecular physics. A survey is given starting from fundamentals to the current state of research. It focusses on spectroscopic methods used to investigate molecular systems in the gas and condensed phase. Light-matter interaction will be reported to understand spectroscopic methods. Particularly the spectroscopy of cold molecules and the application of laser interaction for investigating molecular properties will be discussed.



Master students in physics 

2 SWS, 5 LP

Lecture documents:

(digital lecture files will be provided Fridays at 11 am)

STMP-SS20-v1.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v1.pdf

STMP-SS20-v2.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v2.pdf

STMP-SS20-v3.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v3.pdf

STMP-SS20-v4.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v4.pdf

STMP-SS20-v5.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v5.pdf

STMP-SS20-v6.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v6.pdf

STMP-SS20-v7.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v7.pdf

STMP-SS20-v8.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v8.pdf

STMP-SS20-v9.mp4                                                                                STMP-SS20-v9.pdf

STMP-SS20-v10.mp4                                                                              STMP-SS20-v10.pdf



STMP-exercise1.pdf                                                                                STMP-exercise1-s.pdf

STMP-exercise2.pdf                                                                                STMP-exercise2-s.pdf

STMP-exercise3.pdf                                                                                STMP-exercise3-s.pdf

STMP-exercise4.pdf                                                                                STMP-exercise4-s.pdf

STMP-exercise5.pdf                                                                                STMP-exercise5-s.pdf


STMP-SS20-t1.mp4                                                                                 STMP-SS20-t1.pdf