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Privacy Policy

Collection of general information

When you access this website through your web browser, the data of your specific request is submitted to our systems. The data contains the requested web page, the type of your web browser, your computer's operating system, the hostname of your internet service provider, and your current internet protocol address (IP address). The data itself does not allow a direct reconstruction of who you are. However, collecting the data is technically required to deliver the content of the page you requested to you. This is how the internet works.

This website is hosted on systems operated by the IT department of the Freie Universität Berlin, Fabeckstr. 32, 14195 Berlin, GERMANY . Hence, their privacy policy is also applied to this website. We have no influence on which of the above mentioned data they store for how long. Please contact them for detailed information on their data policy.

Your rights of information

You have the rights to be informed about all your data that is stored upon accessing this website. Furthermore, you have the rights that your data is changed or deleted upon your request. Since this website is hosted on servers operated by the Freie Universität Berlin, their privacy policy is applied as well to this website. To exercise your rights, please contact the IT department here.

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