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Historic papers

The famous 1931 Dirac paper where he proposed magnetic monopoles Quantized Singularities in the Electromagnetic Field, Proceedings of the Royal Society, A133 (1931) pp 60-72.

The famous 1935 Euler-Heisenberg paper
Folgerungen aus der Diracschen Theorie des Positrons, German Original
Consequences of Dirac's Theory of the Electron in English Translation

Weisskopf 1949 paper Ueber die Elektrodynamik des Vakuums auf Grund der Quantentheorie des Elektrons" German original
Recent Developments in the Theory of the Electron, English translation.

The earlier Sauter 1931 paper "Über das Verhalten eines Elektrons im homogenen elektrischen Feld nach der relativistischen Theorie Diracs (German original);
On the Behavior of an Electron in the Homogeneous Electric Field in Dirac's Relativistic Theory (English Machine translation)

Note on Einstein's first scientific essay (1895, unpublished): On Electicity and Electrical Currents
See also O. Klein's 1928 paper Die Reflexion von Elektronen an einem Potentialsprung nach der relativistischen Dynamik von Dirac

Einstein's Annus Mirabilis (1905) papers:

Access to Einstein's Annalen der Physik papers.

List of all Einstein papers.

No discovery has led to more heated discussions in newspapers and crackpot pages of self-proclaimed experts.
For amusement see here!
In particular, many people complained about his omission of citations of Lorentz and Poincare!
Also here and here and here.
An assessment of Poincare's contribution to the Theory of Relativity is found here.
See Hilbert's 1905 paper on General Relativity entitled Die Grundlagen der Physik here.
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Einstein's famous paper on General Relativity (1916):
"Die Grundlage der allgemeinen Relativitaetstheorie"

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