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I. Overview

The copd package is a set of Perl scripts that allow to run the COPASI for simulations of the kinetics of coupled chemical reactions from the command line, using a simple text file as the input. This can be advantageus especially in cases where iniitial concentration or kinetic parameters are to be varied systematically as the copd program allows that rangss for the different parameters can be specified in the input text file. Another application is to set up a web page where the user can adjust parameters, which then are put into an input file and COPOASI is then tun with them, with the results getting displayed via graphic output files created by >copd in demand.

II. Documentation

The documentation of the copd is in the README which also is part of the package.

III. Acknowledgments

The copd program was develped in cooperation with Prof. G. Gescheidt and Dr. P. Fr├╝hwirt, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the Technical University Graz (Austria). I'm indepted to them for initializing the development, teaching me lots about chemistry, helpful discussions and testing many versions, making me aware of bugs and suggesting improvements.

IV. Download

Probably the most convenient way to download the sources is via git. If you have git just type

git clone

In the future you then can easily update to the newest version with just the command git pull.

But the package can also be downloaded as a tarball from here (total size is about 40 kB): (md5sum: e6cac3d097ceaf560faa722b3e2414a9)

If you find bugs or implement improvements please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Last modified: May29, 2023