Current development status


Latest pOS snapshot available in download-section


November, 29 2006:
Wrote a simple shell for pOS. It's written for Linux/Unix though for debugging (since pOS-kernel cannot run it yet) and thus needs to be ported to pOS then. It supports most basic features like piping, file- redirecting, command-starting and a history-buffer. It can be found in the apps-folder in the pOS source. Also implemented getline to read lines from buffer (found in lib).

Janaury, 15 2005:
VFS filesystem-search has been implemented. Also did some code clean-up.

October, 19 2004:
After almost a year of suspension, the sources get an update with a complete concept for the VFS-search and some assembler-code for the C64 console driver.

November, 27 2003:
The pOS Resources are relaunched with a new design and a better readable layout.

October, 31 2003:
I consider the VFS- and directory-cache-design in pOS to be complete. If don't find any things to improve within the next weeks, I will begin code-implementation (the raw code-contstruct is already there). Also time-functions have all been implemented yesterday but have not been tested though.

August, 22 2003:
The virtual filesystem (VFS) in pOS is equipped with a directory cache to make directory-look-up more faster, flexible and reliable. Read "Directory Cache" in the development-section for more on this.

July, 22 2003:
Again, pOS is making progress; the filesystem-desgin (VFS) has been completed and the scheduler-design is almost complete also, I expect the whole system-design to be finished in a few months or even weeks (I'm rather pessimistic). I'd call the overall process around 65 to 70%.

May, 05 2003:
pOS development making progress, we are now at around 60%