AG Schwentner, FB Physik, Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Schwentner: Curriculum Vitae

Born 1945; studies of Physics 1965-1971 in Munich; PhD 1975 at Munich university with experiments in Hamburg and Tel Aviv on the subject of "photoelectron emission from the valence band of solid rare gases and their mixtures"; 1975-1982 assistent lecturer at Kiel university with experiments in Kiel, at DORIS in Hamburg and at ACO in Paris on the subject of "X-ray absorption fine structure" for determination of structure and of light-induced fluorescence for the study of radiation-less processes; habilitation 1980 in Kiel with the title "Energy dissipation in solid and liquid rare gases".

Since 1982 Professor at the Department of Physics of the Free University Berlin; setting up a research group for spectroscopy of photoprocesses in the solid phase with synchrotron radiation (BESSY), pulsed lasers and electron beams. Projects from 1982-1995 in the BMBF Verbund Synchrotronstrahlung. 1984-1986 a project in the Sfb6 dealing with the "Influence of boundaries on the electronic and vibronic states of atoms, aggregates and molecules in matrices". 1987-1998 a project in the Sfb337 entitled "Energy dissipation and photoreactions of aggregates of metal atoms and small molecules in matrices" and since 1998 in the Sfb450 entitled "Analysis and control of ultrafast photo-induced reactions in matrices". DFG and INTAS grants on microstructuring of surfaces and transport processes in films. Working actually in the fields of radiation-less transitions and photochemical reactions, laser materials in the UV and VUV-range as well as microstructuring of surfaces by photochemical dry etching.

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